Introducing Parma's Pizza
Rockin' Loyalty Program!

Hey, Parma’s Pizza Lovers!

Earn While You Munch!
For every $1 you spend on our mouthwatering pizzas, you earn one glorious Parma Point. It’s like having a reward for each delightful bite!

Unlock Delicious Rewards:
The excitement doesn’t stop there! Collect 50 Parma Points, and voilà! Treat yourself to a delectable $5 off on your next pizza rendezvous. Pizza love that pays you back!

All Orders Count: 
Whether ordering a classic Margherita or daring to try the adventurous Meat Lovers, every pizza purchase (excluding 3rd party delivery) adds to those delightful Parma Points. It’s time to turn every pizza night into a rewarding experience.

How to Ignite Your Pizza Passion?

It’s as easy as 1-2-3!


  1.   Click on your preferred location below and sign up.


  2.   Indulge in your favorite pizzas and watch those Parma Points stack up with each order


  3. Redeem your points for mouthwatering discounts to make your taste buds and wallet sing a happy song!

Sign up now and let the pizza party begin!  Your love for pizza deserves to be rewarded, and Parma’s Rockin’ Loyalty Program is here to turn every pizza night into a celebration.

Click below, and let’s go! 

No app download necessary!

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