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At Parma’s, we are dedicated to serving artisanal and traditional pizza from worldwide regions. We bring our passion for pizza and music together in perfect harmony to provide a unique dining experience and rock and roll history.

Owner, Musician, and Pizzaiolo Mick Mahan was raised in the Sicilian tradition in Youngstown, Ohio, and has since devoted himself to learning everything he can about pizza. Mick has spent over 30 years traveling the United States and abroad as a successful bassist and musician, learning from pizza masters worldwide.

Since opening the business in 2016, Parma’s has garnered acclaim from pizza lovers and musicians alike. The pizzeria symbolizes a longtime dream turned reality for Mahan, who brings the same artistry and passion to the pizza he brings to the stage after years of working with the top names in the music business.

Mick’s two sons, Mike and Gianni, represent the heart of the business, and we are proud to say we are a “family-owned and operated business.” We promise to maintain the highest service and quality food for our customers. Every pizza is handcrafted using only the finest domestic and imported ingredients available. Our dough is handmade daily and utilizes a long fermentation process, resulting in a highly digestible pizza that is light and airy. We believe creating the perfect pizza “Is all about balance.” That belief is reflected in our various styles and unique customer toppings.

From our family to yours


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